Becoming She Group Coaching

Becoming SHE: The Style Transformation Program that Elevates Your Wardrobe, Boosts Confidence, and empowers you to Embrace you're Authentic Self

your closet is not your enemy

Do you open your closet door and instantly dread trying to find an outfit? Does it take you hours to get ready because creating that perfect look never seems to come together quite the way you want it to? Are you ready to end the struggle? To transform your mind & your style? To truly understand who you are and how you want to show up in the world?  If you said yes, this is the program for you.

discover your inner SHE

This transformational style program sends you on a path of self-discovery. Empowering you to transform not only your outward appearance but your mindset which is really the most important key. Shifting your thought process from being ok with looking and feeling subpar to being the one who sets the style bar! 

embrace and love the real you

I work with you to embrace your CURRENT body, educate you on the styles that make YOU look your best and take you to style school by showing you how to get the most out of your wardrobe. Enabling you to walk into any room confidently and stylishly.

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becoming she group coaching

How It Works

If you find yourself struggling with your personal style, unsure of how to dress to flatter your body, turning down invites or just lacking confidence in your appearance, then this transformative 10-week Style Transformation program is designed for you.


Develop a deeper sense of confidence and self-assurance in all areas of your life, not just style


Develop a resilient mindset and inner strength, empowering you to overcome challenges with grace and confidence.


Learn how to stay fashion-forward while staying true to your personal style.


Embrace a new level of self-expression through the transformative power of color.


What's the secret to leveling up my personal style? 🤔

The secret is YOU, queen! My workshops and courses will help you discover your unique style preferences, teach you how to curate a killer wardrobe, and give you the confidence to rock any outfit like a boss. I've got your back. 💅

Are your course just for fashionistas or can anyone join? 👯

My courses and workshop are for EVERYONE who wants to elevate their style game, babe! Whether you're a seasoned fashionista or a style newbie, my workshops, group coaching, and annual courses will guide you through unlocking your personal style and owning it like a true boss lady. 💃

How much time do I need to invest in your courses and workshops? ⏰

I know you're busy being a boss, so I've designed my  workshop and courses to be flexible and fit into your schedule! With bite-sized lessons and actionable tips, you'll be able to unlock your personal style at your own pace, whenever it suits you. 🙌

Will your courses and workshops break the bank? 💸

No way, babe! I believe that looking fabulous shouldn't cost a fortune. All of my courses and workshops offer incredible value, are packed with expert advice and exclusive perks that'll make your style journey a breeze – all without breaking the bank. 😘

What if I get stuck or need help? 🆘

Don't worry, girl! I'm here for you every step of the way. Me and my supportive community of fellow style seekers are always on hand to help you overcome any obstacles and keep slaying your style goals. 💪

Can I really transform my wardrobe and confidence through your workshops and course? 🌟

Absolutely, queen! All of my workshops and courses are designed to help you unlock your personal style, build a wardrobe that works for you, and give you the confidence to rock any outfit. Get ready to turn heads and own the room, girl! 💖

How do I know your workshops and courses are right for me? 👀

If you're ready to level up your style game, boost your confidence, and join a fabulous community of like-minded boss babes, then my workshops and courses are perfect for you! Trust us, your wardrobe and your inner style icon will thank you. 😍

What kind of results can I expect from your workshops and courses? 🔥

Expect a major style transformation, babe! You'll learn how to curate a wardrobe that reflects your unique style, feel more confident in your outfit choices, and become the fashion-forward boss lady you were always meant to be. Slay, queen! 👑