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Frequently asked questions

Can your services be provided virtually or are they only in person?

All of my services can be provided virtually or in person.

Only rich people hire personal stylists/shoppers, right?

Wrong, so so wrong! I work with everyday women like you and me. Yes, I charge for my services however, I have packages that range in pricing to suit your budget & wardrobe/styling needs.

Where do you shop?

I shop any and everywhere (including online) depending on my customer's tastes, body types, styles, and budgets. Some of my favorites are local boutiques, Target, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, and Nieman Marcus just to name a few but the best place to start shopping is in YOUR CLOSET.

My style is different than your style, can you still style me?

Absolutely yes. This is a valid concern, however, as a stylist & style coach my goal is to help YOU dress for the style YOU like and ensure that it fits YOUR lifestyle, and style goals, not mine. This whole process is tailored for YOU to achieve the look YOU desire.

“My closet is a mess and I don’t want you to see how bad it is”

Listen, this is a JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE. I too have had a closet that looks like a tornado hit (truthfully it looks like that at least once a qtr at some point in time) but that’s what I’m here for. To help you organize, create systems, and bring solitude back to your closet.

I’m not sure which service works best for me

Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation and we can discuss your needs and determine which package best suits your style goals.

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