Closet Transformation


Have you ever wondered why you have all those clothes in your closet but NEVER have anything to wear? Do you reach for the same few pieces over and over again? Are the latest trends sitting in your closet with tags still on them?  Let me help you stop the madness and solve the “what am I going to wear today” question you keep racking your brain about.

1 -30 minute zoom call to assess your current style, your future style goals, your likes, your dislikes, and your body type

Closet Revamp - Inventory, Cleanse & Categorize your closet. Determine what you actually wear, what fits, what needs to be donated, and what needs to be thrown away

Provide a recommended list of shopping items that would enhance your existing wardrobe (with shoppable links)

7 digital style boards (lookbooks) for instant access to complete outfit ideas.

1 1 1/2 hour closet styling session (in person or via zoom) Create looks directly from your closet (includes Tryon)

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