She Cleans Up Nicely

About Me

Hey Girl Heeeeey! I’m Kim Harrison your Style Coach and your new style bestie. I’m here to teach you how to achieve the style you want so that you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.

I’m a mom, a grandmom (he call’s me MaMa), a wife, a dog mom (of a cute little Cotonpoo) and a lover of all things cute and EXTRA! 

I’ve loved fashion my whole life but finally decided to follow my true passion after years of helping co-workers, family and friends transform their lives through style. It sounds crazy but It truly brings me joy to see a woman look in the mirror after she is styled and see that first look of “amazement’ because she can’t believe how F’n good she looks! 

I help YOU be more selfish (yup I said it and I mean it), be more in tune with YOUR wants, YOUR likes, YOUR dislikes and help YOU evolve into YOUR true authentic self through style using my holistic approach to styling.

She Cleans Up Nicely

About the Brand

She Cleans Up Nicely is a phrase that all women can live in. Nobody wakes up looking fabulous, contrary to what Beyonce says. However, if you take the time to invest in yourself you will definitely love what you see in the mirror. 

The goal is for women to understand that confidence and style are learned skills, not innate traits you were born with. They are two-fold and entail both mental and physical aspects to truly be implemented effectively.

This is a safe space to free yourself from the everyday craziness of momin’, wifein’, and lifein’! This space is all ABOUT YOU and helping hou embrace the transformative powers of style. Transforming you from the current version of you (which is still a good version but we know you can be so much greater right, that’s why you’re here!) to the badass chick that is screaming to make her way to the forefront of your life!

At She Cleans Up Nicely SHE is a compound word, figuratively not literally.  It’s a metaphor that enables you to align your inside (the mental) with your physical (your outward appearance). The goal is to help you live your Life in Style, To Be Happy, and to feel Empowered while doing it.

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